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School Starts Soon

By July 26, 2019 No Comments

Our school year begins on Monday, August 19, We highly recommend you do the following in preparation for next steps:

1.) Obtain a copy of your child’s birth certificate
2.) Immunization records
3.) Summary of Well visit (this is separate from immunization records) Download Health Record

Please send these documents via scanned email to or drop them off at the Granger Community Church information desk.

If your child has allergies, please be sure to gather information for an allergy action plan. Download Allergy Plan

If your child’s allergy requires an EPI, we will need your EPI and allergy action plan prior to the first day of school. Your EPI pen will need to be in an unopened, updated prescription box.

If you have successfully registered, paid the $250.00 enrollment fee and turned in requested documents, you will receive a class assignment and follow-up between August 5-9.

Thank you and have a great summer! We look forward to connecting soon.