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COVID-19 Update

By August 11, 2020 No Comments

Dear ELC Families,

We’d like to thank everyone for all of your patience while we are preparing for a fantastic school year under uncharted territory. We are planning to open as planned on Wednesday, August 19. We will continue to follow the Penn-Harris-Madison (PHM) school calendar, but not necessarily their time off due to COVID. It’s just not appropriate to do virtual learning at the preschool level.

Due to the new COVID rules and regulations that are now in place, we have made some changes to our school day.

1. Each classroom will stay with only their class (family) for the day.
2. We will have a new check-in/check-out procedure. Our new system will allow for you to check your child in/out on your own phone. Details to come soon.
3. Parents are not allowed to enter the school until we are at a level 5 in Indiana. We will meet you at door 4 to ask you a couple of questions and to take your child’s temperature. One of the teachers (from their classroom) will walk your child down to their class. We will be utilizing different doors for regular pick-up time so that the classes can stay in their own “family.” Details to come with our new check-in/check-out procedures.
4. We will not begin the school year with badges. Once parents are allowed to come inside, we’ll send the badges home with your child.
5. Snack and mealtime will no longer be served family style. However, the quality of the food will remain the same.
6. Each class (family) will go outdoors independently. The bikes will be cleaned in-between each class.
7. We will need each child’s rest time items and extra clothes to be sent in in a closed bag. We cannot have any of the items sticking out while they are in their cubbies.
8. After Care/Before Care prices with will increase to $5.00/half hour. Please let us know ahead of time if you will need After Care/Before Care.
9. If your child has a fever, stomachache, sore throat, or is achy, please keep them home. We’ll take their temperature when they arrive at school, and we’ll need to send them home if it is 100.4 or higher.
10. If a child were to become sick throughout the school day, we would take them to our isolation room where they will stay until you promptly pick them up. The classroom your child was in and the isolation room will be deep cleaned and prepared for the next school day. Your child will need to stay home until they are symptom free for 72 hours (three days) without medication. If they were to test positive for COVID, they will need to be home for 10 days.
11. Adults will wear masks in all of the common areas here at Granger Community Church (GCC)/Early Learning Center. Children will not be required to wear them here at school.
12. We have confidence in our Facility Care team here at GCC who have been trained in how to prevent the spread of COVID. We will not only be increasing our daily cleaning and sanitizing routines, but also deep cleaning on a daily basis, rather than weekly.
13. This year we will be giving you a tour of your child’s classroom, along with meeting their teachers online. The teacher’s will go through the morning routines and any special instructions you will need to know prior to the start of school. We’ll also be sending you a page for you to print out. We’d like for you to show your child the pictures and talk with your child about their new classroom teachers and their new school. This will help to make the new routine and transitions run much smoother on the first few days of school.

We’re looking forward to a wonderful year! Enjoy the last few days of summer!