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This Week’s Family Update

By September 4, 2020 No Comments

Happy Friday ELC Family!

Another wonderful week in the books. Thank you all for working so well with us with all of the changes that had to be made. The app seems to be working well, but if you have any problems with it, please let me know. It is brand new for us as well, so it may be a question/problem others have had. If it’s not working to check in your child, but you are receiving all of the other notifications, I think you need to delete it and let me know, then I can send you another 10-digit code and set it up right.

Here are some things for next week:
NO SCHOOL Monday, September 7! Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your long weekend.
Make sure you check the weather, looks like cooler temps are coming and our classes go outside unless it’s raining bad.
o Label all clothes as they may layer and come off throughout the day.
Please use the app to check your child in and out. The teachers are helping when you forget, but we really need it to get to be a habit.
o Make sure to wait and check your child in no earlier than 8:20. Once we get the app to sync with the ProCare main, it will charge you for Before Care if you are checking in before 8:20 (how the fingerprinting machine worked in the past).
o Don’t worry when you see I have checked them in and out as well. That is when I am entering the information into ProCare main, since the syncing is only one way right now. They’ve assured me it should be soon that both will sync.
Before and After Care reminders:
o Must have a form on file to use Before and After Care.
o Must give advance notice to use so we can staff appropriately. A lot of you have been letting me know on Friday what days and times you will use next week. That has worked wonderfully! Just shoot me an email and I will coordinate with the teachers. If it’s the same every week, no need to email me each week with that😊.
o If you can, be specific as to times for drop off and pick up.
o Starting Tuesday, for After Care (weather permitting) we will be combining classes to go outside so we can get more consistent with the staff for After Care. IF they would need to come inside because of weather, we are allowed (through licensing) to have them in one large classroom. Masks are recommended for the children. As parents you can let us know what you are comfortable with as far as the masks go. When they have snack, they will sit at tables with their own class. And, our amazing facility care team and teachers are continuing their incredible sanitizing regiments. We are so blessed to have that!
o Before Care will remain the same it has been in their individual classrooms.
Parent Activity Committee (PAC) has their first meeting Wednesday, September 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the Atrium of the church. I hope you will try to make it! Because of COVID restrictions we aren’t able to offer childcare like we have in the past. Hopefully that can change soon! You can join their Facebook group and see what is happening.
School Pictures are coming the following week on Tuesday, September 15 and Wednesday, September 16.
o If your child is full time, or Monday-Friday they will have individual pictures on Tuesday. They will be in both class pictures though.
o Picture form is attached

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!