Our Story:

Granger Community Church is a generous and community-oriented church located in the Michiana area for over 30 years. Begun in 1986 by Founding Pastor Mark Beeson, Granger Community Church has a mission of “Helping people take their next step toward Christ…together.”

In 2010, the leaders of the church began to pray for guidance and explore the community for ways to have a greater positive impact as a church. There was an overwhelming response to use the existing children’s space for a preschool and the seeds for the Early Learning Center were planted! (Read more about the history of Granger Community Church.)

In 2011, the leaders of the church hired Chris Whitmire to become the visionary and Principal of the school. Chris has 30 years of experience in education with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood. Chris has a deep desire to see a community transformed through young children and their families living for Jesus. She began to research and dream big about innovative ways to offer high-quality, faith-based early childhood education to Michiana.

Our Commitment to Quality:

The Early Learning Center is licensed center by the State of Indiana. We are in the top 8% of early childhood programs in the nation, accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a rigorous process that demonstrates our commitment to professionalism in 10 distinct areas of early childhood quality programming. We are also a 4-Star program with the Indiana Paths to Quality system. In 2017, we were awarded the distinction of HighScope accreditation, one of only two in the region. We are currently pursuing the Indiana 5-Star Environmental Recognition Program for high-quality environmental practices in early childhood.

Our Symbol:

We’ve chosen the dandelion as the symbol for our school. Dandelions symbolize happiness, hope, and childhood. The journey of the seeds as they float through the air can be seen as time passing and starting anew out in the world. Children love to make chains with dandelions. They are a bane to the perfect lawn…just like children! And dandelions thrive under adverse conditions, providing healing and nutrition to those who know its redemptive qualities.