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Buy Your Bread And We Get Some Dough

We aim to be nothing less than the best choice in Michiana to train up the young minds of the next generation. But we aren’t stopping there. We also want to be at the forefront of early education nationally, leading by example and innovation. Our desire is to inspire a love of learning in the children we care for, and to help them experience and know the love of God.

You can help us impact these young minds just by buying groceries. Yes, simply by making the choice to continue eating food, you can kickstart a life and transform our community. Even the smallest things have a big impact when we all come together. If you shop at Meijer or Martin’s, there’s an easy way for the purchases you make to benefit the Early Learning Center.

Martin's Supermarket

Have a rewards card at either store? It’s simple. Swing by customer service to sign up or link your current Martin’s Advantage Card or your Meijer One Card to The Early Learning Center. That’s it! With each grocery visit the ELC will earn points that we can use to redeem classroom supplies, computers, playground equipment and much more. We use all of these tools to enrich the educational experience of the children we’ve been entrusted with.

Here’s the info you need – save it in your phone for easy reference:

Martins School Code #5389
Meijer School Code #273803

Shop as you normally do. Or, shop like never before, and when your spouse complains you can tell them it’s for the kids.

P.S. Interested in directly making it possible for a child to attend the ELC? We accomplish that through our scholarship fund, which you can donate to here. These partial scholarships help families obtain an excellent education for their young one, all while easing the financial burden.