Loving Kids WellA loving community where children are trained up in the ways of the Lord.

Departmental Purpose

We walk with families to grow in Christ and to inspire a love of learning in their young children.

The Essence

The Early Learning Center of Granger Community Church is a faith-based private school for young children that provides quality care and education. Honoring the family as the child’s most influential teacher, our loving and professional staff partners with those closest to the child to support safe, active learning in environments purposefully designed to inspire wonder and engage the whole child. Because we believe early childhood is the most important time for intellectual and spiritual growth, the GCC Early Learning Center is committed to helping children experience and understand the love of God throughout this brief time in their lives.

The Essentials

The future of any society rests on its ability to foster healthy development in its next generation. Through Christ, we engage our community in an educational movement to captivate the hearts and minds of our children now and for generations to come. This is accomplished by careful attention to three threads:
Don't be Blue... ...Bird!